2nd Street

Small gift shops that have apparel, jewelry, home décor, and more!


This is such a fun store, full of puzzles of all sorts, games, and many other nice things to buy. Great store for your kids or the kid in you.

The Surf Shanty

A place to rent Surf Supplies, Scooter Rentals, and Beach Rentals.

Edie Bees Confection Shop

Wonderful vintage looking candy shop. All the candy is in glass containers. Great place to take your kids, but keep an eye on them- Lots of stuff within reach of little hands. Also great place to get fancy candy for a date.

Historic Lewes Farmers Market

Very friendly farm folk bring their wonderful fresh produce, meat and fish, and glorious flowers, baked goods and even lavender products to sell to those lucky enough to be in the area. Each week there is a demonstration in the use of some produce. There is plenty of free parking and space for kids to roam.